Jeffrey Sawyer, MD in Vadnais Heights MN

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Jeffrey B. Sawyer, M.D.
Cofounder, CEO

I am the cofounder and CEO of The Remedy and bring decades of psychiatry experience to our practice, including work with patients at organizations such as Minnesota Alternatives, Alltyr Clinic, Allina Health, and North Memorial Healthcare. I earned my A.B. in Psychology from Brown University before moving on to S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook School of Medicine for my M.D., Hennepin County Medical Center for Family Medicine training and received my psychiatric training at Mayo Clinic. I am board certified in Adult and Addiction Psychiatry with previous board certification in Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine.

My career journey has also included training in integrative medicine, Mind-Body Medicine certification from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, D.C., Mindfulness, Yoga, and EMDR.

I decided to become a doctor at a very young age after being inspired by the family doctor who took care of my mother during her bout with breast cancer. That same doctor made house calls, including sitting at the edge of my bed when I had meningitis at the age of 5. That experience left an indelible mark on me, inspiring me to provide that same level of care and compassion to my patients to this day.

I believe strongly in the values of authenticity and integrity and am committed to living up to these standards in my practice every day. My patients are very appreciative of the trusting relationship I create with them.

Despite a common misperception among many physicians that it is difficult to treat people with substance use disorders, I have really enjoyed working with these patients and; there is so much we can do to help them. It is very gratifying to see the results of effective and compassionate treatment.

I spend time with my patients and value hearing their stories and tailoring their treatment to fit them. I am accessible and willing to crawl out on the skinny branches to provide treatments other physicians shy away from.

As a psychiatrist, in this day and age, I still believe strongly in the value of psychotherapy – also known as talk therapy or body-oriented therapies (somatically focused therapy) – for my patients. Being a psychiatrist has allowed me to continue my own personal journey and exploration, which also then informs my professional practice.

My kids sometimes call me a “goof ball”. I see the value of humor in my professional practice as a counterbalance in helping patients deal with serious and difficult issues. I intend for my patients to see me as someone who listens, takes time with them, is thoughtful in my recommendation of treatments, knowledgeable; will go to bat for them, accessible and compassionate.

Psychiatrists don’t really fully retire. We just slowly ride off into the sunset. However, I do have some ideas for how I’d like to spend my retirement… someday:

I look forward to traveling more with my wife and family. Spending more time with family and friends and, when my kids choose to have them… grandkids.