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Elizabeth Stolt, MPS, LPC, LADC

As a professional working in the field of mental health and addiction, my clinical approach is rooted in the belief that people can and do recover. I create an atmosphere where people feel safe to work on the challenges they face, the therapeutic environment is mutually respectful, and clients are treated with dignity. Hope is real, traction ensues, and results emerge.  

Treating patients with respect and dignity is something I’ve carried with me throughout my career, including stops at clinics throughout the Twin Cities metro area after earning my Masters in Integrated Behavioral Health from the University of Minnesota. 

Before entering this field I spent 15 years in corporate America, primarily in sales. It was financially rewarding but not personally fulfilling. I wanted a career where I could connect with others on a human level and feel a sense of wellbeing at the end of the day. Once I started my master’s program I never looked back; I knew I had found a new, meaningful career.

I’ve had personal experiences with both mental health and substance use disorder so I can relate to the struggle to find “good help”. I know it can be hard to find the right fit. I also know that clients can smell a fake a mile away and that nothing can replace authenticity and empathy for others. Along with empathy, I bring the values of respect and honesty to my practice. I create a safe space and build relationships that encourage clients being open and honest with me. If my clients, friends, and family feel they can tell me their truths without judgment, I know I’ve done something right! 

Speaking of my clients, I think they would describe me as being the “real deal”, calm, warm, never making them feel as if they are being judged, and truly wanting what is best for each of them. 

The connection with my clients is what I love the most about my career. I love getting to know them, watching them grow, and supporting them through the process of change. I also really enjoy the magic of group work – that peer interaction is invaluable. People can hear things from their peers that they don’t necessarily “hear” from a professional.  Facilitating groups is a true joy. 

My education and experience in treating those who have both mental health and substance use disorders concurrently is something that sets me apart. I am also certified in Prolonged Exposure Therapy for treating PTSD. This fits in perfectly at The Remedy, where psychiatry and therapy work in tandem to provide an appropriate, individualized treatment for each client. We also offer our clients more options than other facilities in Minnesota, such as Ketamine and TMS therapies. 

In these uncertain times I don’t know what the future holds, but my intention is to continue working with others on their journey to a better life as long as I am able.