Brittani Porter LADC / LPCC in Vadnais Heights MN

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Brittani Porter, LADC, LPCC

I believe my personal and professional experiences led me to my position at The Remedy. I’ve worked alongside people who had substance use disorder for many years and grew frustrated with the current mental health and addiction treatment system that many of the clients I worked with simply did not fit into, or benefit from. For treatment to work, it needs to be tailored to the patient. Unfortunately, that’s not what most people get when they enter traditional addiction or mental health treatment. 

The professional values I bring to this position are integrity, honesty and resilience. These relate to my personal values of treating people with respect and building lasting relationships where people feel valued. I work hard to foster relationships where there is trust and a human connection.

The part of my job I love the most is the point in therapy where there is a moment of insight that previously was not present (and holding back progress towards goals). This happens to me as well so I can relate to the struggles and breakthroughs of my patients.

I strive to remain present and learn new techniques to stay on the edge of the best treatment options. This is what excites me most about being at The Remedy, as our approach fits my core belief that we need to offer creative, evidence-based treatments to clients who have given up on traditional care systems that have failed them. 

Social justice is a passion of mine and it impacts how I act in my community as well as how I parent. I can’t just go to work during the day and believe my job is done. Speaking of my job being done, I’m not certain my career will ever be over but I do it see it changing. My big dream is to open a small residential program for people who have PTSD located on a quiet, warm island with lots of mango.