Adult Mental Health FAQ in Vadnais Heights MN

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Adult Mental Health FAQs

No. At The Remedy, we treat you as the whole person that you are. Our psychiatrists are highly trained in psychopharmacology but also recognize the value of a full mind-brain-body perspective as well as psychotherapy and coaching.

Doing a 90 minute initial consultation allows them to assess you not just from a medication perspective but to fully evaluate all of the issues you may have including medical problems which may be impacting your mental health, sleep disorders, issues related to your life experiences and childhood which may be relevant.

In addition, at The Remedy we offer non-traditional approaches such as dTMS and Ketamine treatment for those who have not tolerated/or are not interested in  traditional medication approaches. Our psychiatrists also work in a highly collaborative approach with our therapists to provide you a well-rounded, comprehensive treatment experience.

At The Remedy, we focus on mood disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma and addictions. If you have other concerns, please discuss them with the staff to see if The Remedy is the right fit for you. If not, we are happy to provide a referral to other mental health resources.

We have therapists who are dually trained in mental health (including trauma) and addictions at a masters level. Our therapists also have a focus on treating trauma/PTSD with modalities such as Prolonged Exposure Therapy, and other evidenced based therapies for trauma. Other general approaches include CBT, DBT skills, amongst others.

We also collaborate with therapists at other sites to provide more specialized psychotherapy services.

Our therapists provide both individual therapy and couples therapy.