Addiction Psychiatry in Vadnais Heights MN

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Addiction Psychiatry

We offer highly individualized, patient-centered, compassionate care from an addiction psychiatrist and a master’s level therapist trained in both mental health and addiction.

You will have a very thorough assessment of your overall wellness – including your mental health, physical health, and emotional health. Together, we will create a plan geared toward achieving your treatment goals.

Our addiction psychiatrist will provide you with supportive therapy and coaching combined with science-informed medication treatment specific to your addictive disorder. You and your therapist will decide on how often you will be seen and what psychotherapy approaches will be most helpful to you.

The following FDA-approved medications are also available to treat your addiction in conjunction with psychotherapy at The Remedy:

  • Suboxone (buprenorphine- For Opioid Use Disorder – OUD)
  • Sublocade (long acting injectable Buprenorphine for OUD)
  • Vivitrol (Long acting injectable naltrexone for Alcohol Use Disorder – AUD and OUD)
  • Naltrexone (for AUD)
  • Other medications as appropriate to achieve optimal health and wellness

Dr. Sawyer is a board certified adult and addiction psychiatrist. He specializes in treating adults with mood, anxiety and trauma disorders as well as those with addictions/mental health issues on an individualized basis with treatments tailored to you for both your mental health and/or addiction issues.

Dr. Sawyer is an experienced Suboxone prescriber and well versed in medications to treat other addictive disorders along with our excellent addiction psychotherapists. You will find that at The Remedy, we think outside the box and are willing to provide treatments based on science, not stigma, to help you achieve the recovery you are seeking.