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What you should know about COVID-19.

Free 30 minute televideo crisis visits during April and May for those who have Covid-19, their immediate family members, front-line medical personnel treating Covid-19 patients and first responders.

The Best Environment For Healing

At The Remedy, we combine cutting-edge treatment options with compassionate, person-centered care for people who are suffering from depression, trauma and PTSD, addiction, and chronic pain. We offer a better way forward by focusing on your needs; forging an emotional and personal connection with every patient.

You will notice the difference as soon as you walk through the door. One of the things we are proud of are the comments we receive from patients about how warm and inviting our physical space is. That same warmth can be found when interacting with our co-founders, psychiatrists, therapists and other treatment professionals, who will take the time to authentically know you.


Integrating the Benefits of Ketamine and dTMS to Achieve Real Results

As a private practice we have the freedom to use every tool available and tailor their use to the specific needs of our clients. We specialize in the use of ketamine and dTMS treatments for those suffering from depression, trauma, addiction, and pain and are always on the lookout for new treatments for our patients. As a science-informed practice, we are able to try new treatments as soon as possible, including new tools that are not yet FDA approved, but supported by science. After all, you deserve the best chance to achieve a full recovery.

Committed to Help You Thrive

We are led by people who have experienced the scourge of addiction and mental health difficulties in their own family. Knowing how underserved people with mental health issues are in the traditional medical sphere drives our commitment to provide you a specialized environment that empowers you to recover and thrive.

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